Let’s Make A Baby pt 3


Nicki sat with a pout on her face as she put a spoonful of oatmeal in her mouth.  She rocked lightly in her rocking chair and watched Drake as he moved about the room.

"Why are pouting?" Drake asked from the floor and she glared down at him as he put together pieces of the crib’s door.

"No reason, just enjoying my delicious oatmeal." She said sarcastically and he shook his head before going back down to the instructions.  

"I still don’t see why you’re pouting." He said with a chuckle and she stomped her foot.

"Damn it Aubrey, when I told you that I was hungry, I meant that I wanted real food not this!” Nicki said and he secured the final screw on the latch before trying the crib door a couple times., and checking that the latch was secured. 

"I thought maple and brown sugar was your favorite type of oatmeal," he said as he started to clean up his tools.  Nicki rubbed her stomach, as it held their six month old fetus.  She furrowed her brows and stuck out her bottom lip.

"It’s not when I want spicy fried food." She explained and took a sip of the milk he’d given her when he made the oatmeal but made a face at the taste.  Normally she was fine with whatever he gave her but today, all she wanted was something that wasn’t so health conscious.  Of course she wanted to keep herself and her child healthy and strong but on the other hand she had a craving for spicy food.

"You know you should eat stuff like that." Drake said and stood up off the floor after he finished cleaning up.  Nicki followed him out the room and down the hall holding the now cold oatmeal and lukewarm milk.

"I don’t care, its what I want!" She said and he shook his head at her.  She was upset but it didn’t make him want to give her food that would make her sick all the time.

"Onika please," he said and she cocked an eyebrow as they traveled down the steps.  Nicki followed him to the garage and he made her stay in the house as he put the tools away.

"Please what nigga?" She demanded and he walked up to her before shutting the garage door.  He looked her over as he stared down at his girlfriend.  

Over the course of Nicki’s pregnancy, her skin had acquired an even brighter glow than before and her aura was always happy and welcoming, aside from this point in time of course.  Her lips had become even fuller and softer than before, and the curves of her body had formed into an even better shape than before making Drake watch every move she made.  As well as her hair, longer and thicker than before as well.  

Nick could see the changes but she could feel it as well, apart from right now, she always felt happy and loved.  There was never a point where she was really, truly sad, and if she ever felt lonely she knew that she wasn’t really as strange as it sounds.  And Drake would just observe from a distance, listening to her happily sing for their child as she walked about the house taking care of things as she normally did.

He understood that she would have mood swings and random food cravings every now and again but that didn’t excuse her behavior.  If anything he found it a little irritating but it wasn’t her fault, if anything it was kind of his and he realized this.

"Please stop complaining like a child." He said simply and both her eyebrows raised.

"Oh I’m acting like a child am I?" She asked and he walked around her.

"Yes you are, you damn well that you need to eat right or else you or the baby could get sick." He said as Nicki put the bowl and empty glass in the sink.  "Onika eat that oatmeal, I thought you were hungry." 

"I don’t want that!" She almost screamed at him and Drake made a face.

"Who in the fuck are you yelling at?  Just go sit down somewhere!" He yelled in frustration, rubbing a hand over his face and heard Nicki sniffle.  He cocked an eyebrow and looked at her.  "Onika?" 

"You yelled at me," she said in a tiny voice and he saw a tiny tear roll down her cheek before she walked out the kitchen and into the living room.  He called after her but she ignored him and he mentally kicked himself, forgetting that it was easy to set Nicki off.

Drake sighed and opened the fridge.  ’Way to go, you fuckin idiot!' He mentally scolded himself and pulled out all the left over chicken in the fridge from his dinner the night before.  Drake understood that Nicki would have some mood swings and would be emotional, especially when she was hungry so he decided it would be best to just do what he usually did, and just give her what she wanted.

He placed the chicken and fries onto a plate before placing it in the microwave and getting her a glass of water.  Drake waited for the beep of the machine before taking her food out of the microwave and placing a little cup of sauce on the plate.

He walked out to her sat next to her. 

"Go away you meanie," she said into the pillows and he placed the food on the coffee table.

"You are so damn spoiled." he said and Nicki looked up in confusion.

"What?" she asked and her nose was instantly filled with scent of the spices the chicken had been seasoned with making her smile brightly and clap her hands in joy.   

"I said you are so damn spoiled." He repeated and Nicki waved him off.

"Well who’s damn fault is that nigga?" She asked and he rolled his eyes only to have her smack him with the pillow.  "Don’t roll your eyes at me, none of this would’ve happen if you just got me my food like I asked you to before." She said and crawled onto his lap, cuddling into his chest.  "Now feed your queen," she instructed.  Drake picked up the plate and got a piece of chicken, dipped it in the sauce before carefully placing it in her mouth.  

Nicki moaned at the taste and chewed happily and he watched her intently before shaking his head at her.

"Well if you just ate the oatmeal like you were suppose to, none of this would have happened." He said and fed her another small piece.  She furrowed her brows and swallowed after she finished chewing.

"Oh so this is my fault?" She asked and picked up the glass, taking a sip of water.  



"You didn’t do what you were suppose to."

"Oh and you dictate what I should or shouldn’t do?" 

"Someone has to." Drake said simply and Nicki made a face at him.

"Well you were the one that got me pregnant in the first place, so this is all on you.  Makin me carry around this child for you, while it kicks me over and over, gives me back aches, and makes me feel fat, and you don’t even wanna feed me what I want?  Its a damn shame, and he I thought I got pregnant by prince fuckin charming." She ranted.

"Aye now, you were the one that wanted me to get you pregnant," Drake reminded.

"Yeah and you took your sweet time doing it, so this is on both of us." She said and he placed a fry in his mouth.  "That’s my food!"

"Damn right I took my sweet time, I was trying to make it last since we can’t have sex for another four and a half months." He said and Nicki frowned.

"I couldn’t walk straight for three days, and was numb from the waist down for one of them." She said and fed him a piece of her chicken.

"Aye I beat the pussy the fuck up, that night, and the night after, and the night after that." Drake said and kissed Nicki’s neck.

"You gon talk to me like that when our child is listening?" Nicki asked and Drake made a funny face at her.

"He don’t know what we’re talking about." Drake said.

"How do you know she doesn’t?” Nicki asked back and he chuckled at her before kissing her cheek.

"Whatever you say and it was worth it though right?" He asked and she finished eating.  Nicki placed the plate on the coffee table.  She wrapped her arms around Drake’s neck and kissed him. 

"Nope." She said and chuckled.

"Shut up." Drake said and kissed her deeply, pulling her close to him.  Nicki brushed her tongue against his bottom lip and Drake parted his lips before taking full control over her.  

He ran his hands over her and massaged her body making Nicki moan against his lips.  Drake pulled away and kissed her nose before getting up and taking the empty dishes to the sink.  He washed everything off and placed it in the nearly full dishwasher before walking back out to Nicki who had stood up and was stretching herself out. 

He was in awe of her body, she was absolutely perfect in his eyes.

"Stop staring at me you fuckin weirdo." Nicki said and he took her hand before taking her back upstairs. He took her into the bedroom and placed her on the bed.

"You are just too sexy."  He said as he climbed onto her, kissing all over her.  Nicki could feel herself getting more and more turned on, the hormones of her body, increasing with every move he made on her. 


After an hour Nicki had fallen asleep and Drake sat up watching over her.  He ran his hands over her soft skin, admiring her beauty.   She peaked open one eye and stared up at him.

"It’s not polite to stare y’know." She said and he got out the bed.  He picked her up and looked at her.

"Let’s go, you need a bath." He said and she nodded with a giggle.  Drake carried her carefully through the large bedroom to their bathroom.  He sat Nicki on the edge of the tub and put the plug in before turning the water on, pouring in her favorite bubble bath soap.  She watched as Drake threw off his shirt and placed it in the hamper before walking back over to the tub.

"I thought you just said its impolite to stare." He said and turned off the running water when the tub was finally filled.

"That may be true, but I meant its impolite for you to stare at me, but it ain’t impolite for me to stare at you." Nicki explained as he helped her into the tub.  

She sat down and he grabbed a chair so he could sit behind the tub.  

"What are you doing?" she asked and Drake grabbed her shampoo. 

"Washing your hair."

"Are you calling me dirty?" 

"Well I did say you need a bath so…" he said and ran his fingers sweetly through her hair.

"You’re terrible." Nicki pouted.

"And yet, you still chose me." He said with a cocky smile and tone.

"You’re an fuckin loser" 

"And you’re about to be the wife of a fuckin loser." He said back before kissing her cheek.  "I love you baby." 

"I guess I love you too, now finish washing my hair." 

"No please or thank you?" Drake asked and Nicki rolled her eyes.

"No one asked you to wash my hair or put me in this tub." She played and he pulled her hair.  "Owie!" 

"Oops, my bad.  My hand slipped." He said and Nicki turned before splashing him.

"That was not an accident you mean person!" She said while laughing.

Once they both finished washing, Drake got Nicki out the tub and massaged her body with lotion.  

"What do you wanna wear?" He asked walking into the closet.

"Just get me panties and a tank top." 

"No pants?" 

"Do you want me to wear pants?" 

"Not really." 

"Well then." Drake walked out dressed in his basketball shorts, and helped Nicki get dressed before getting into bed with her.   They cuddled in the sheets and he wrapped his arm around her ever growing belling.  They sat in silence for a moment as he stared at her abdomen and Nicki ran her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp just the way he liked.

"Aye," she heard him say.


"I bet that we have a girl." He said and although earlier Nicki argued that it could be a girl, she always felt that they were meant to have a boy first.

"Well I know we’re having a boy." 

"And how the hell do you know that?" He asked and climbed on top of her.

"Nigga get off me," She giggled and pushed him to the side.  "I know because a mother knows these things, that and I had a dream about it." 

"Well maybe I had a dream about it being a girl." 

"Did you now?" She asked and looked at him skeptically.

"Yes, yes I did." He said and Nicki stared at him for a moment.

"Y’know, for a such a good actor, you make a terrible liar." She analyzed and Drake sighed.

"Its gonna be a girl cause I say so." 

"Oh, oh cause this nigga says so.  Okay, okay hows about me make a lil bet." 

"Alright, what’s the bet?" 

"Bet you $500 that its a boy," Nicki said and Drake agreed before he gave her a kiss.

"I’m bout to be $500 richer." Drake said and placed his hands behind his head.

"Yeah right, while you try to believe that pipe dream, I’m gonna go look for a handbag that you gon buy me." 

"You’re crazy you know that right?" Drake asked and Nicki chuckled.

"It ain’t like you ain’t as sane as I am." 

"Well damn this child is gonna be a fuckin lunatic then." He joked and Nicki let out a gasp before shielding her stomach with her arms.

"Don’t you talk about my baby like that.  I know he will be a perfect sweet little mama’s boy.” 

"A mama’s boy? Really?" 

"Yes, I’ll even dress him up in little timbs and sweaters so he can be even more like you." She said and kissed his cheek.  "I love you Aubrey."

"I love you too Onika." 

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